Museo Nazionale Della Montagna "Duca degli Abruzzi"
Torino, Italy

Since: 1874


Situated in Turin on Monte dei Cappuccini, the Museum commands splendid panoramic views of a large sweep of the Alps and the city of Turin below. It is not just a museum, but a veritable centre dedicated to the mountains, organized in three separate but complementary sections: one for temporary and permanent exhibitions, one for documentation, and one for meetings. Always attentive to mountain film – of which it has on extraordinary collection – it was one of the founder members of the IAMF, which was created in the Sala degli Stemmi of the Museum in 2000.

Permanent and temporary exhibitions open to the public from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Closed on Monday.

Director: Aldo Audisio

Piazzale Monte dei Cappuccini 7, I-10131 Torino, Italy
T. ++39.011.6604104
F. ++39.011.6604622